multi-Core 6 sensors

Advanced 3-Axis Digital level Indicator

Slide a true multi-axis gyro-compensated
digital level indicator
Inside a case milled from solid aluminum
we packed the best-in-class electronics
to offer you what you deserve:
So powerful but also so tiny
at the same time

Slide Based on custom Algorithms
in order to eliminate the unwanted
lateral acceleration.

All you'll get is the
relative or absolute orientation under any
operating condition

Slide Brigthness sensor to automatic
compensate the LEDs brightness respect to
23 High Intensity LEDs per row 3 buttons for interaction with the system High contrast Graphic OLED Display

Slide Each user has his own needs

for this reason Zen is completely
customizable about
Axis to visualize, styles, ranges...

Everything is accessible with a click

Slide thanks to the dedicated cage or a complete set of bundled adhesive pads Mounted directly on the monitor
with shaped adhesive pads
Mounted with cage and fixed on the monitor
with adhesive pads
Various mounting options
Mounted with cage and fixed on the monitor
with a standard photographic screw

Slide Accuracy and Repeatability are extremely

With a resolution down to 0.1°
you'll be able to track every rotation
wanted or unwanted on Roll and Tilt axis

Slide Dimensions
DC Voltage Range
5VDC - 20VDC
29mm / 1.14" 35.6mm / 1.40" Additional Technical Specifications
104mm / 4.1" Weight
100gr / 0.22lbs
Power Consumption
<= 1.6W
Working Temperature
Working humidity

Slide Thanks to the integrated USB-C port,
complicated firmware upgrades are something
of the past with SmartSystem Burner

Compatible with