Thanks to AirCONTROL, the dedicated app for AirBRIDGE, you can unleash all the power of your DigiDRIVE Portable and transform your smartphone or tablet in a real motion control.

AirCONTROL will let you:

  • Remote control your equipment in realtime (no preprogrammed movement, simply swipe your fingers on the screen of your tablet or smartphone and start moving precisely and with zero-lag your equipment)
  • Monitor all the parameters like velocity and position with precision of tenths of millimeter
  • Create astonishing time lapses thanks to the extensive options available
  • Create 3D Photo
  • Use your slider as Focus Stacking equipment
  • Draw a complex motion trajectory with PreRoll, PostRoll, time of execution and ramp smoothness

and much more…



Burner Icon

Thanks to SmartSystem BURNER it’s possible to update every SmartSystem device with the latest firmware available for your specific product

You don’t need to buy a new product to have new features… Just UPGRADE IT!

From v.2.0 the procedure is completely automatic : plug the drive and let the magic flow!

BURNER 2.3 is fully compatible with every version of Windows (32bit or 64bit) and with macOS up to 10.15 (Catalina)


Take complete control of your DIGIDRIVE PORTABLE thanks to the SmartSystem uTuner’s easy and intuitive user interface.

Set up the maximum velocities for the DIGIDRIVE PORTABLE‘s Autoloop and Manual modes or activate the QuickLapse function during Autoloop movements. It was never been so easy to set up all the parameters of the Programmed Time Lapse mode of the DIGIDRIVE PORTABLE.

Fully compatible with Windows and OSX.

Take complete control of every DIGIDRIVE BASIC thanks to DIGITAPE.
DIGITAPE can record every movement created using DIGICONTROL for every future use, or upload every movement created with DIGIMOVEMAKER and change it to Real Time, Slow Motion, Stopmotion with manual remote camera shutter control and Timelapse with automated remote camera shutter control movements.

Download every program uploaded on DIGIDRIVE BASIC to store it on your PC or MAC. Fully compatible with Windows and OSX.


(legacy version)

Literally “draw” the movements for your DIGIDRIVE BASIC on your screen thanks to a GUI simple and easy to use.

Set up accelerations and deceleration, manage the movement execution time, velocity and space.
Modify any movement you saved earlyer.

The created movements can be edited and uploaded with DIGITAPE .
Fully compatible with MAC or Windows.

Osx Download

Win32/64 Download

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Centrino Duo or later

OS Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Osx 10.7 or later
Download The User Manual pdf_icon_2


Designed for:




(legacy version)

Designed for:



SmartSystem ROTOSCAN allows you to take the shots you need to create 3D models for every real object just following a few steps:

  • Set-Up the shot angle from 0° to 360°
  • Select the shots number to take or the angle sectors between the shots.

Take a shot for every step.

Osx Download

Win32 Download

Win64 Download

 Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Centrino Duo or later

OS Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Osx 10.7 or later