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Vest Lite

Slide Especially for female operators, the
possibility to move the thoracic plate
on the fly means the ability of the vest to perfectly adapt itself to the female body
SmartCAM Vest Lite : engineered around a proven design and based on top quality materials The shape of the hip pad and hip support ensures maximum leg freedom and, at the same time, stability for the vest
Every single plate can be moved independently
ensuring the the maximum comfort for operators

Slide The passage from Regular to Goofy
operation is fast and straightforward
The thoracic pads can be stacked
in order to give to the operator
the best possible comfort
Based on Industry Standard Mating block
made from solid Ergal T7075 Aluminum
The ratchet system let you increase the
tightening force progressively

Slide Every textile part can be detached
from the Vest and can be easily washed.
The 100% cotton lining ensures
strengths and durability
Since every vest is made one by one
by our artisans
, it is possible to
customize your vest with your
embroidered logo
The Black/Yellow handle on the back was designed
not only to ensure a safe grab for the operator assistant, but it can be used as safety
handle in emergency cases

Slide FEM simulation with results amplified 100x Every component of Vest lite is not molded but milled from solid
, shoot peened and hard anodized to ensure the maximum
With only 2.9kg (6.4lbs) of weight, Vest lite is most probably the lightest Vest on the market today Extensive tests and studies were made to grant strength to every
component but above all to ensure the maximum lightness

Slide A padded backpack is included in the package to carry safely your new vest
Vest Lite (Backpack included)
SKU: 000001788
EAN: 8051411190196

priceTag  2,499.00 VAT INCL.


Custom Logo Embroidery
In case of custom embroidery, consider 3 weeks of additional leadtime

SKU: 000007742

priceTag  244.00 VAT INCL.