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Straight or circular trajectories and 360 degrees rotations are just a few of things that is possible to realize with every SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY.
Great smoothness and precision thanks to high quality ball bearings.
SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY grants the SmartSystem's quality at the lowest price possible .
Increase the movement precision with DIGIMOTOR3: the SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY motion kit or change it in a real turn table with the TURNTABLE KIT.

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Dolly, slider or turning table… Three products in one!

Imagine if you can buy a product that can be used as a slider, that can boast of the versatility of a dolly and that can be transformed in a Turning Table when necessary… At a special price! This product exists and it’s called SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY.

Making your camera rotate around a subject has never been so easy

Turn the three wheels of SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY and set them up thanks to the practical laser included in the box.

Just turn the wheel and point your target with the laser, repeat the operation on all the wheels and rotate around it. You can forget complex arithmetics and useless settings tables. With SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY your camera will be able to go through whatever trajectory: concave, convex or straight, in a few easy steps.

Forget about reading tables or measuring distance or angles!

A modular slider

SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY can be used also to make straight camera movements. Using the dedicated rails: SMART3 RAILS, is possible to turn every SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY in a slider of totally arbitrary length. In fact Smart3 RAILS are selled in modules composed by two rails (1 m long) and every module is long overall about 2 m. These modules can be joined together to obtain a single rail that can be leaned on the floor or fixed on tripod or stands.

Turning table for still life or 360° rotations: a pan head for your timelapse

The three wheels of SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY can be setted to make the SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY rotate of 360° on its axes to realize panoramic clips or 360° timelapse. With this wheels configuration, thanks to the TURNTABLE KIT, it’s possible to transform every Smart3 Reflex Dolly in a real turning table.

But that’s not enough, on the main disk of the TURNTABLE KIT you’ll find three threaded holes to fix dedicated little legs, and a specific one in the center where fix one tripod and use the turn table as a basis to rotate your SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY on his axes wherever you are.

Customers owning bowl heads may need the Hi Hat Interface kit to mount it on the Smart3 Reflex Dolly.

Still life, circular or 360° timelapse with your dolly

Every Smart3 Reflex Dolly can be motorized with the DIGIMOTOR 3 kit to make high-precision ultrasmooth movements or amazing, straight, curved or circular slowmotion and timelapse.

The industrial motor inside the DIGIMOTOR 3 case can do both ultrasmooth slow movements and fast sliding. A motorized SMART3 REFLEX DOLLY used with the TURNTABLE KIT and the ROTOSCAN software will allow averyone to take pictures in order to realize digital 3D models of existing object.

Dimensions and Weights



In the Box

  • 1x Smart3 Reflex Dolly
  • 1x Pre-aligned Laser Pointer
Additional information

Additional information

Package Weight 8.3 kg
Package Dimensions 62 × 51 × 13 cm