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Motor Cable Evo+

Motor and Drives quality are important….

But it is important HOW you transfer the energy from the Drive to the Motor, too

    • High quality motor cable with higher current capacity
    • Not flammable coating
    • Long lasting even in harsh evironment
    • Connector area protected against tearing
  • Length : 1.5meters
  • Compatible only with DigiMOTORs (not MKI) and DigiDRIVEs (not MKII)
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EAN: 8051411190844
PriceTag  39.00 VAT INCL.




Ethernet styled cables are not designed to move a motor.

Why? The answer is the current required by the motor and single cable dimensions.

Without using specific engineering concepts, we can think about current as a truck moving along in a road (the cable).

Have you ever seen a big truck in a country road? Sure. But you’ll surely see a truck moving not smoothly and at low speed.

Your experience will tell you It will be better if this truck could move in a highway instead of a country road. A small car, instead, could be comfortable in this kind of roads.

Joking aside, the cable dimensions will tell you a lot about the power of your motor

Hobbyist or cheap motors require very small currents to work ’cause they are low power devices with, generally speaking, low performances. In this case, there is no need to waste money on a properly designed motor cable.

SmartSystem DIGIMOTOR devices are directly derived from industrial environment.

Our motors are high power devices enclosed in a small case.

They are big trucks. Why force them in a country road?

Additional information

Additional information

Package Weight 0.3000 kg
Package Dimensions 30 × 34 × 13 cm