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1/4” Photographic Screws

Ensure a stable fixing of your equipment with high quality inox steel screws

  • Cinema design
  • Compatible with major plates on the market. Cartoni, Sachtler, Manfrotto, etc…
  • 100% Made in Italy. No import from asian markets
  • High quality inox steel
  • Kit composed by 10 screws
SKU: 000003699
EAN: 8051411190653
PriceTag  49.00 VAT INCL.




Every time you fix your camera to your plates, are you sure about the screws you are using?

We are always in hurry and there is no time to double check connections of our equipment, mechanical or electrical.

Sometimes you have to fix your camera in odd manner, working upside down or by side.

Nowadays the camera weights so little that we think that we’ll never came across a mechanical failure on the screws we are using….

Unfortunately we are wrong!

Every screws in the market are manufactured in Asian facilities. We are discovering, day by day, that the quality of the materials used on production mass is getting worse.

Lower carbon percentages in steel transforms drastically the mechanical strength of the products manufactured with itYour equipment deserves better attentions

Our screws are completely manufactured in Italy using high quality inox steel.

Next time you’ll fix your camera…. think about the screws you are using…

Additional information

Additional information

Package Weight 0.3000 kg
Package Dimensions 23 × 16 × 8 cm