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Arm X1

Professional, lite and strong arm that can be used with every camera, from the smallest and lightest ones to the heaviest and biggest ones.
Extremely light and compact: it’s one of the smallest and lightest stabilizer arm in the market (only 45mm / 1.77″of width)
Exclusive X-Tune system allows the operator to set up Arm X1 to obtain the correct dynamic response for its needings.
Perfectly compatible with every type of professional stabilizer Vest or Sled on the market.

Complete range of Arm Post for total compatibility

SKU: 000002418
EAN: 8051411190172
PriceTag  7,399.00 VAT INCL.





SMARTCAM ARM X1 is built with the highest material quality possible. The use of Aluminum alloy like 7075 (Ergal) joined with Carbon Fiber ensure to obtain a product that is ultra light and, at the same time, ultra strong.

Engineered with the most advanced CAD (Computer Aided Desing) Software joined with Advanced CAE  (Computer Advanced Engineering) testing procedure, SMARTCAM ARM X1 is the thinnest Arm on the maket: it’s body is only 45mm (5.7″) width.

The weight of SMARTCAM ARM X1 is 15% lower than other products on the market: only 4.2kgs (9.0 lbs).

26 high quality ball bearings grants to SMARTCAM ARM X1 a perfect fluid movement. The dimension and type of the bearing are calculated to be reliable in every circumstances. Forget about the time-changed of bearing you are used to with other system. The ball bearings in SMARTCAM ARM X1 are lifetime granted.



Thanks to the interchangeable cartridge system, SMARTCAM ARM X1 allows the operator to stabilize accurately and smoothly any loads from 6 Kg (13.2 lbs) up to 34 Kg (74 lbs). You have not to worry about if your rig is based on a DSLR camera or with a 3D Rig thank to the two springs kit included (4x light and 4x heavy). With this simple chart, it is straightforward to quickly understand which spring use for the specific load

Each cartridge is strictly tested and calibrated in our labs in order to satisfy our internal standards.

The use of precompressed oven-streched springs ensure the same elasticity over years and solves definitively the problem of Spring Resonance found on other system based on traction springs. You have not to worry about replacements parts or additional costs.

The design of SMARTCAM ARM X1 ensure a boom range up to 780mm (30″).


In the same way as last generation cars let the driver to set up dampers in order to ensure him a high level of comfort, X-TUNE allows X1 to change drastically the arm’s dynamic response.
With such a precise and repeatable setting, your arm will ensure you great performances according to the sequence plan needs: it will perfectly suit either micro-movements actions, running scenes or camera car movements. Possibilities are virtually endless.



SMARTCAM ARM X1 is based on de-facto standard for a Stabilizer System. The Arm Mating Block and cluth-able Inox Steel 5/8″ is perfect compatible with other system found in cinema industry.

Additional information

Additional information

Package Weight 15.9000 kg
Package Dimensions 106 × 44 × 17 cm