SmartSLIDERPRO SMARTSLIDER PRO ULTRA STRENGTH Tested up to 200Kg/440lbs SMOOTH under every workload UNBREAKABLE Ideal for renting or tough situation SMARTSLIDER PRO joins an unprecedented smoothness to an extreme robustness. With SMARTSLIDER PRO it is possible to move every kind of camera and to take advantage of its incredible payload-independent smoothness.

Versatile in fixing thanks to its connecting plates equipped with 1/4" or 3/8" or 5/8" holes on lateral supports, can be equipped with a complete set of add-ons ranging from Hi Hat Interface for bowl heads to Outrigger Feet and, of course, a dedicated Motorization kit.

NOT ONLY SMOOTHNESS The SMARTSLIDER PRO secret resides in its structure: a main aluminum core coupled with two Ø10mm (0.4") chromed steel bars, are the perfect solution to avoid any kind of bending and drastically increase the resistance to any shock or external agent. Tested over 100 kg,when properly fixed,
it's recommended for a weight range that goes from 0 to 50 kg in standard operation.

Slide Tripods or Side-Stand... it's up to you!

Thanks to its adjustable conical rubber feet, SMARTSLIDER PRO can be placed on any surface, even the most delicate.
The two 5 / 8 " holes placed on the sides let you fix quickly and safely your slider on common light stand.

Compatible with the most popular video plates currently on the market, SMARTSLIDER PRO can be fixed in various way:

- Through two side stands
- Through two tripods
- Through a stand and a tripod
- Through an adeguate central tripod
- Through a central tripod and one monopod
- Through a central tripod and two lateral monopods
SmartSLIDER PRO Nikon D800 SmartSLIDER PRO double stand SmartSLIDER PRO Single Tripod two monopod SmartSLIDER PRO Single Tripod SmartSLIDER PRO Single Tripod and stand

HIGH VERSATILITY IN CONFIGURING is one of the SMARTSLIDER PRO main features On every slider are mounted three fixing plates, each one equipped with 3/8" and 1/4" screw holes. Regular or upside-down usage is possible to the two 5/8 stand holes.

you can change your sliding point of view.
From horizontal to vertical
you will experience an unseen precision
independently from the camera weight.

Get ready to face every surface
and every working condition.

Increase your stability with the additional OUTRIGGER FEET.

pro_dimensions Dimensions and Weights

Slide Do you need maximum lightness and extreme portability ?
Experience the SMARTSLIDER REFLEX S version.