Slide Every technology in Cinema production has its peculiarities... the goal is to look forward how to mix them to create something new, something special... DJI™ RONIN™ 2 + Matrix SLED = Matrix R2 Ultra smooth gimbal 5-AXIS CNC Machined
Completely Tool Free
40mm (1.57") telescopic carbon fiber post
[from 530mm (20.86") to 940mm (37.00")]
Exclusive Monitor Stabilization System
Your monitor will be always horizontal
no matter what is the angle of the sled post
Unique Ronin™ 2 tilt-able Battery plate
Use them as standard battery on a sled
NO EXTERNAL cable to power your favourite gimbal
The MAGIC is all INSIDE the sled

Slide Thanks to Ronin™2 YAW Locker forget the annoying sound
when used in PAN Lock mode.
The exclusive Ronin™2 Plate adapter let you mount
the gimbal securely to the Sled Post
The modularity of Matrix Sleds let you mount
the micrometric topstage used for camera
on the lower part of the sled to obtain
a perfect balance of the whole system.

Slide An useful advantage: It can be reconfigured to became a standard Sled with all the bells and whistels of a pro system The micrometric non floating topstage with
automatic locking system
can be installed on its original position in seconds
The Vlock or 3Studs Battery plate,
equipped with 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes,
can be mounted on standard position over the
RONIN™2 Battery plate adapter
The Horizon system can be detached to let a standard
monitor mount* to be attached to the sled
and of course, the lower part can be equipped with C-Battery
like PRO Sled or Extreme Sled
*in bundle with Matrix R2 All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners