With its built-in mini-USB port and unique Bootloader interface, every DigiDRIVE Portable can be upgraded through firmware using a Windows or Mac computer, together with our Burner software.
Every DigiDRIVE Portable purchased since 2014 can take advantage of new features for free with each firmware release.

Firmware Release Notes:

  • NEW! Compatibility with AirBRIDGE using brand-new communications protocol (DigiDRIVE Portable firmware mandatory for AirBRIDGE operation)
  • NEW! On-board calibration procedure for joystick and potentiometer, without Tuner software
  • Increased accuracy from joystick and potentiometer through ADC oversampling

Before DigiDRIVE Portable firmware can be installed, the receiving unit must first update Bootloader to version Burner will automatically determine whether the DigiDRIVE Portable has the correct Bootloader version installed, or if it needs an update.

The new calibration procedure (here you are the direct link of wiki page) will be prompted to the customer at the very first power on of the Drive after flashing it with the new firmware.

The update process for both Bootloader and DigiDRIVE Portable firmware is very simple. Instructions are listed on our Wiki pages to explain each step in detail to ensure a successful update.

Here you a wiki reference:


Firmware Bootloader