DigiDRIVE Portable 1 DIGIDRIVE PORTABLE Compact, simple and easy-to-use... In one single word PORTABLE

With its small sizes ( 150 x 50 x 80 mm) it's the best solution for the videomaker that needs to use a motion control in every situation

Set two virtual limits for your movements and take advantage of the Autoloop and TimeLapse functions

Use it as an additional operator thanks to the Autoloop function: the camera will move beside the two virtual limits until the operator will stop it

Take beautiful Shoot Move Shoot timelapse thanks to the embedded intervalometer and the Programmed Timelapse and Easylapse functions



Slide Portable (only 530gr), Easy to use and equipped with long lasting and hi-power Li-ION battery for up to 8h in timelapse. THE CONTROL IN YOUR HAND

Slide DigiDRIVe Portable top Realtime

Switch between them
just pressing one button
THREE WORKING MODES * LapseLINK is included with the Drive. Camera Trigger cable is Camera dependent.

Slide Usb Connection (PC/MAC). Increase the capabilities of your DIGIDRIVE PORTABLE thanks to the SmartSystem software: TUNER and ROTOSCAN

Slide DigiDRIVE portable Back set up two limits and keep your clips and equipment safe. THE FIRST ONE WITH
TIMELAPSE IS EASY! Take it easy and go EasyLAPSE with time between shots from 1 to 8 seconds.
The Drive will calculate the right Motion Profile for you.

Or go Advaced and set all the parameters (Time between shots, exposure time, Shots number) through the uTuner

Slide Do you want to extend its functionalities?
Maybe with a display?

Experience the AirBRIDGE, the WiFi addon for DigiDRIVE Portable,
and transform your smartphone or tablet in a real motion controller
with AirCONTROL (Android and iOS)