SmartSLIDERPRO DigiDRIVE Basic DIGIDRIVE BASIC A real motion control in your hands.
Remove any possible vibration from your clips.
Reproduce recorded movements or use DIGICONTROL MONO to move every SmartSystem DIGIMOTOR Kit.
Move your camera with the precision of hundredths of a millimeter.
Available with V-Lock standard plate or with embedded battery (AIO version).
Fully compatible with PCMAC

Slide Realtime control thanks to DIGICONTROL Mono. Set up damping, speed, joystick sensitivity and get the maximum control of every movement DigiDRIVE Basic and DigiCONTROL Mono

Slide Embedded or V-Lock? This is the question... DIGIDRIVE BASIC is also available in the brand new
All-In-One version: embetted battery with up to 8h life in timelapse mode.

Usb Connection (PC/MAC). Increase the capabilities of your DIGIDRIVE BASIC thanks to the SmartSystem software: DIGITAPE and DIGIMOVEMAKER

Slide The DIGIDRIVE BASIC internal memory is capable to store up to 14 min of realtime program and up to 1 years of timelapse program. Record your movement or simply draw it and upload it to the DIGIDRIVE. You'll be able to execute it wherever you want. INTERNALMEMORY

Slide Amazing variable speed timelapse.Timelapse, slow motion and stop motion.. In one single motion brain. Use them to create special effects. SHOOT-MOVE-SHOOT TECHNOLOGY

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