Slide Designed, engineered, manufactured and hand built exclusively in Italy

Slide There are various Aluminum
alloys out there but only
AL7075 Ergal alloy, the most
performing one, was used for
Arm X1
Every single part of Arm X1 is
CNC milled inside our facility
from the starting stock
to the end shape

Slide Ergal 7075 aluminum guarantees performance similar to that offered by carbon steel at a fraction of the weight.
For this reason it is used on high performance automotive, aerospace and robotics industry
AL 6082 - High quality aluminum Tensile Strength [MPa] AL 2017 - Avional - Aircraft grade aluminum Brinnell Hardness Fatigue Strength [MPa] AL 7075 - Ergal - High resistance aerospace grade aluminum

Slide Special alloys can lead to special dimensions.
Arm X1 is currently the slimmest arm on the market with an outstanding load capabilities
up to 50% narrower compared
to other systems
only 45mm / 1.77"

Slide The use of compression springs
and the unique leverism obtained with
XTune led us to embrace the power
of the springs inside the canisters...

The result is a design that give to you plenty of space
between canisters so no more accidentally stucked clothes, cables and you know.... fingers!
Tons of features within an unique design The set life is frantic and setting up an arm for a new load could be time consuming,
especially when the new setup is dramatically different respect to the previous shot...
Different design, different approach to
problems... like the Arm post system,
thought to be reliable and rigid with
plenty of options available
Based on industry standard
mating block with a specific attention
to right-handed or left-handed operators
as well as front mount and backmount vest.

Changing from standard or goofy operation is super easy : video_library Mathematically speaking, the best answer that a system can give
to an external stimulus is what is called "Critically damped" one.
The tricky part is this answer is strictly connected to the load
applied and to the "force" of the springs used to counterbalance
that load. So the question is : How can I get that?

The patented design of XTune, let you tune your ArmX1 to answer
exactly as you prefer interacting as a "selective multiplier" of the
force of the springs installed.

From super smooth to very responsive... you have the control!
Not in this case : video_library

Slide the exclusive Patent Pending Technology that dynamically change and adapt the overall elastic response of the installed springs
all over the boom range ensuring an extremely soft operation.
Since March 2021, all the ArmX1 will be equipped with 728mm / 28.5" 4 springs setup lbs 2 springs setup Ranging from 6kg (13.2lbs) up to 34kg (74.9lbs), you can definitely fly your current or future setup . 4 Spring installed kg ArmX1 Total Weight 4.5 2 Springs setup Bare Structure 9.92 4.0 3.5 7.71 8.82 Despite the tiny dimensions, Arm X1 can lift
32kg ( 70.4 lbs) with an ultimate
maximum payload of 34kg (74.9 lbs).
The maximum boom range is 728mm (28.5")
Boom range, weight and load capabilities Configuration Learn More...

Slide The suitable protection for a valuable product A custom resin case with Military specs like
DEF STAN 81-41 / STANAG 4280,
ATA300 and IP67 is included to carry safely,
on your next adventure, your brand new Arm X1

Slide Rain Suit Total protection even under heavy rain With zippers to grant access to all the
springs and XTUNE even with the sleeve installed
NOTE: Rain Cover and Rain Suit are separate accessories Rain Cover Heavy Rain, dust or simply preserve for many years Choose between two level of protection