ArmX1 Patent Pending incredible load capacity with exclusive and unique design equipped with SmartCAM Modular. Reliable. Universal. The most complete way to stabilize your shootings. KNOW MORE SmartCAM Horizon A new Horizon for your Shots KNOW MORE DigiDRIVE Portable mark-II built to last KNOW MORE SmartSLIDER Reflex S Mk2 Improved features Unique Patented Fluid Drag New Sizes Available SmartSLIDER Atom "LIKE A FEATHER" YET STRONG AND RELIABLE
640 grams!
Unprecedented portability for a slider that never let you down.

A pure DIY experience with the freedom
of choosing what you need, when you need and only if you need.
The perfect companion
for your
DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
SmartSLIDER PRO SMARTSLIDER PRO ULTRA STRENGTH Tested up to 200Kg/440lbs SMOOTH under every workload UNBREAKABLE Ideal for renting or tough situation BUY NOW NOT ONLYSMOOTHNESS SmartSLIDER PRO is the reference for linear movements. Thanks to an aluminum structure with two chromed Ø10mm steel bars, SmartSLIDER PRO combines an extreme smoothness with an incredible strength. since 2010 at your side! LIFETIME WARRANTY